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Title Productivity analysis organic rice farming intensification ( analysis produktivitas pada intensifikasi budidaya padi organik)
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One of the possible solutions to overcome food crisis, especially in Asia, might be the utilization of the intensification system of rice production with high productivity and less water requirement. This method is popularly called SRI, which has been developed in some Asian countries including Indonesia. This system relies on the rooting management of paddy crop, which is based on the management of water, soil and plant. Basically, this system can utilize either organic, chemical, or combination of booth types of fertilizer. The utilization of organic fertilizers in SRI has been widely conducted in Indonesia especially in west Java. However, the productivity of the of the organic rice farming using SRI is still questionable. This paper presents the analysis of the productivity of rice organic farming through modeling approach. District of Sukabumi in West Java was selected as the study area. The models developed are capable to predict nicely the production and productivity of organic rice farming using SRI.
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