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To put through a document search, keyword writing documents ( title, author , subject or a keyword ) to be searched and press 'enter' or click the search button. The system will then display the documents that match the given keyword.
By default the system uses a search method boolean OR, if you want to search for documents that contain all the search terms, use Boolean AND. In addition to AND and OR, the search also can use NOT. For boolean searches, writing of AND, OR and NOT must be in capital letters. Another search method is 'fuzzy query', by adding characters ~ end of a word and 'wildcard query' with the * (asterisk ) and ? (a question mark. The search is not case sensitive, so 'buku tulis' and 'BUKU TULIS' will produce the same output.
Examples of search keywords
buku tulis
search for all documents that contain the word buku or tulis
buku OR tulis
search for all documents that contain the word buku or tulis
buku AND tulis
search for all documents containing the word buku and tulis that are in one document
buku NOT tulis
search for all documents that contain the word buku that does not contain the word tulis
"buku tulis"
search for all documents containing the word buku tulis
search for all documents that are similar to sawah word
search for all documents containing words beginning with net
judul: net*
search for all documents whose title contains the word beginning with net
pengarang: har~
search for all documents whose author contain the words like/similar with har
judul: univ* AND pengarang: har~
search all documents with title begininng word univ and author contains words like har
Categories that can be used for search
title search, for example 'judul: management'
author search, sample 'pengarang: budi'
search publishers (including name, location and year of publication ), eg 'penerbitan: depok'
search subject, example 'subject: the data'
Category may be combined with search methods , so it can be made complex search words , such as :
'judul: data AND pengarang: budi ~ AND penerbitan: depok OR penerbitan : Salemba NOT pengolahan'
Additional means in information retrieval system
[semua lokasi]
searching for documents in all libraries that are connected to the system
Koleksi Terbaru
see a list of the latest collection of the library
Login Anggota
login for members who have a username and password
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cepat atau lambat akan menerima upah lebih dari apa yang dikerjakannya.